Why should I start an SIP in Bitcoin or Ether?

How Can ZEBB Help In Systematic Investment Plan?

Wealth creation is a healthy habit and just like any habit, it takes time to build up and show results. One of the efficient models for wealth creation is a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP.

SIP is a habit of investing small amounts at regular intervals just like spending an hour a day to exercise or practice guitar. You get that body you wanted or improve your skill significantly in the long term. A SIP in a valuable asset gives you good returns in the long term.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are two great crypto assets and perfect tools for wealth creation.

Bitcoin is a deflationary asset and a store of value much like gold. The value of bitcoin increases with an increase in demand. It has a fixed supply of 21 million and this absolute scarcity makes it a perfect store of value and a hedge against inflation.

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars. Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of over 43 billion dollars.

Ether is a utility coin that powers the Ethereum network. Many decentralized projects have built smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Smart contracts are contracts or procedures turned into computer programs which automatically execute the steps of the process after each condition is met. Services like NFTs, DeFi etc. are also built on the Ethereum network. 

Investing in Ether is like investing in the Ethereum network itself.

However, bitcoin and ether prices can see large fluctuations depending on the demand and supply in the market. It is impossible to time the market to buy an asset at its absolute lower price. Rupee cost averaging, as we have explained before in this article[Insert link to RCA article], is the best way to get an average price on these assets.

A bitcoin SIP will buy bitcoin for you weekly at the market price. Successful investors like Warren Buffet recommend the model of RCA to invest in value-based assets and a bitcoin SIP makes RCA simple and automated.

A weekly ethereum SIP works the same way with an automatic buying of ethereum for a fixed amount weekly at the market price.

A SIP in both bitcoin and Ethereum gets you an average price of entry into these assets. Make a habit of investing small amounts into these assets and watch your wealth grow in the long term. You can now start with as little as ₹100!


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