How safe is your ZEBB wallet?

ZEBB Takes Care of Your Crypto Assets

Safekeeping of crypto assets is of utmost importance while investing in digital assets. ZEBB goes a step further to ensure all of your coins are stored safe and secure. With cold storage of cryptos, third-party security audits, and bug bounty programs, we have adopted the highest measures of security so you can buy and HODL stress-free.

At ZEBB, we store bitcoin and ether in cold wallets for you. Our cold wallets are signed using HSM (Hardware security module) on air-gapped machines and are located in different cities and countries. Coins stored with us cannot be breached or accessed from a single geographic location or by a single person.

ZEBB’s proprietary security protocol & platform Omnitrixx enables a world-class multi-chain security system that protects all transactions between cold and hot storage wallets. 

Apart from the cold storage, all hot wallet transactions on ZEBB are signed using systems across different cloud platforms. At every step of our security practice, we avoid any single point of failure.

Our infrastructure is secured behind strong firewalls & no external party can access our infrastructure, neither can any service provider (eg: an ISP) interfere with our product development process. Our employees undergo thorough background verification and are given bucketed network access based on their roles.

The ZEBB app and all our facilities constantly go through third-party security tests and are tested by security experts both inside and outside of ZEBB. Our platform has gone through intense testing before the launch and undergoes routine testing by the industry standards. Besides, we also encourage security researchers to test our security. Our bug bounty program rewards our community for finding any issues that may put our customers at risk.

All our accounts and storage facilities are insured with industry standards. You can buy and store your bitcoins and ethers with us knowing they’re in safe custody.


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