How does Instant Buy/Sell work on ZEBB?

Easily Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum with ZEBB

Every investor is unique with unique financial goals and unique investment patterns. Some prefer to spend long hours researching an asset, its price movements, and analyse the charts while many others buy at once with a large amount.

With a dynamic crypto market, the price of bitcoin and ethereum can go up and down too soon too fast. It is impossible to time the market for an absolute low or high of bitcoin (or ethereum). However, these are powerful long-term investment tools for wealth creation.

Open order books on exchanges allow users to place a buy and sell order at a specific price. Investors wait till it gets executed with a matching seller(or buyer). The ZebPay exchange follows this model and lets you place an order at a specific price.

However, we realized an open order book doesn’t match everyone’s lifestyle or investment style. The ZEBB app makes your bitcoin and ethereum investments easy and fun with instant buy and sell.

Now you can invest in bitcoin and ethereum with just three taps:

Check the market price – Enter the amount you want to invest and – Click! You bought bitcoin!

Instant buy/sell is similar to lump sum investments into mutual funds. You can get in all at once when you find the best entry price or if you have spare cash, or to even experiment investing in bitcoin. Three taps and HODL!

The best part? There is a 0% buying fee on instant buy orders on ZEBB.

You can start investing on ZEBB in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create your account – Register with the email address or phone number and verify bank details and KYC.
  2. Make a deposit – you can deposit fiat (INR) from the linked bank account or using UPI
  3. Instant Buy/Sell – Check the price, enter the amount and click on Buy Bitcoin / Ethereum.

ZEBB is designed for everyone. You can now start to invest in bitcoin and ether with just ₹100. Keep adding to the account and watch your account grow over time.

Wealth creation takes discipline to make a regular investment for the long term. Rupee-cost averaging (RCA) is the best strategy to invest in an asset and get an average price. It is more like building a habit–sometimes it gets boring but you keep pushing it until it becomes a part of your lifestyle. 
With an Instant buying option, you can make this routine a little more fun and easy to follow or even automate with a weekly SIP in bitcoin and ether.


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